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Plan a PR campaign, work with you to plan and execute a public relations strategy to target media outlets, design press kits, create a customized media contact list, etc.

-Press Releases-

Includes press release writing, editing, and /or distribution and follow-up. You may not have the time to write a news release. We will conduct a brief interview and then draft a release based on what we feel is an unique angle to capture the attention of the media.

-Biographies / Executive Summaries-

Includes biography and/ or executive summary writing and editing -Biographies and executive summaries are the most important ingredient in a press kit or company profile and every company needs a press kit. Whether you have a product, event or company milestone that is news worthy, in addition to a press kit, a standard biography or executive summary is considered a prerequisite for compiling your kit.

-Press Kits-

Includes designing and distribution. All companies should have press kits. This a portfolio that highlights your accomplishments, missions, goals, and key product information. It also contains pictures, press releases, press clippings, biographies, executive summaries, promotional items, product sampler and or music. The press kit is often the first introduction to your targeted media outlets. The press kit can be a tangible package, an electronic package or both.

-Event Production and Management-

We will manage all aspects of your event and make your event the most lavish affair that you can envision. We will meet your budgetary needs and cover every objective. This includes: creative concepts, procuring and liaising event stylists and designers, sponsorship development/ product placement, negotiating with caterers, florists, valets, musicians, and audio and visual technicians.